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Sustainably sourced firewood from your dedicated firewood specialists. Shawfield Timber has been operating within the timber industry for over 40 years. We believe in using the best quality timber in all our products. We make the most of each tree used through local, responsibly sustainable sources.

High Quality, Locally Sourced Timber.

Guaranteed 20% or less moisture content.

Firewood available year round.

40 years Of Experience

Shawfield timber firewood

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Wood burner stoves and fireplaces have become a hot new trend in recent years with many households moving away from fossil fuel gas heating to seek other alternatives. They make great additions to any environmentally-minded home, but where can you buy premium, safe firewood at the best prices?

Look no further than Shawfield Firewood for quality firewood logs and kindling at our most competitive prices. Our Scottish kiln-dried firewood is certified by Woodsure as Ready To Burn, meaning you can be sure the firewood you purchase is supplied to you at the optimum moisture content for burning. Our kiln-dried firewood in Glasgow is more environmentally friendly than other seasoned wood options.

Trust our experienced wood specialists to supply only the best quality firewood for your home or business.

Ready To Burn Kiln-Dried Firewood

Choose firewood that you trust to be cleaner for the environment. All of our firewood is expertly kiln dried, meaning that you can be sure the firewood you purchase always has a moisture content below 20%. Less moisture means less polluting smoke when burned – it’s that simple!

Reliably Sourced Sustainable Fuel

We pride ourselves in selling only locally sourced, sustainably grown Scottish wood. You can rely on Shawfield Timber’s 40 years of experience in the timber industry to ensure you are buying only premium firewood. Get our expert advice on all your wood burning questions in store or by phone.

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