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Our firewood logs are available to collect from our Glasgow store. Free delivery is available in and around the Glasgow area. If you are looking for delivery to a different area or have any questions about our firewood, contact us. 

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Unit 6, Shawfield Trade and Retail Park, Boundary Rd, Rutherglen, Glasgow, G73 1DB

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Firewood Frequently Asked Questions

What is kiln-dried firewood?

All of our kiln dried firewood is Scottish wood that has been quickly dried out in a large kiln. The controlled heat means that the wood is dried far quicker than normal seasoned firewood. They often have a much lower moisture content for more environmentally friendly burning, too.

Why is moisture content important in firewood?

The more moisture is in your firewood, the more smoke is produced in the burning process. This can prove to be harmful to the long-term efficiency of your wood burner and requires much more cleaning and maintenance. With a moisture content held at 20% or below, you are burning firewood with far less smoke and need for cleaning or harming the environment. Our firewood averages around 17% moisture content, meaning you get an even more efficient burn time and temperature.

Why buy local kiln-dried firewood and not seasoned?

The benefits of buying local kiln-dried firewood far outweigh those of seasoned logs. Seasoned wood from elsewhere in the country takes a long time to dry and can carry some harmful pathogens that harm wood quality and are unsuitable around food. Kiln drying eliminates these under high heat and less transportation avoids contact with harmful bugs. As kiln-dried wood typically has a lower moisture content, it is also able to more efficiently burn at a higher temperature and for longer, making it better for both the environment and on your wallet!

Do you deliver firewood in Glasgow?

Yes! At Shawfield Timber we are happy to supply FREE delivery of your firewood in and around the Glasgow area. We even have a crane truck available to offload heavier bags of firewood that you may wish to purchase.

Where is your firewood from?

All of our firewood is sourced from local Scottish suppliers. Every piece of wood we supply is grown in Scotland from Scottish species in trusted, sustainable forests. Buying from Shawfield Firewood, you’ll know exactly what you are buying and where it has come from.

Where can I use my firewood?

Our eco-friendly firewood is Woodsure Ready To Burn-approved for use in most wood burner stoves, fireplaces, fire pits, wood-fired ovens, barbecues, and more. Our varied sizes of logs available can be either cut to a preferable size or used as-is depending on your own preferences and requirements.

Our logs are supplied cut up to 8” which is perfectly sized for most uses.

Why should I use a wood burning stove?

Cutting down on fossil fuel emissions is one of the many benefits of switching to wood burners for heating your home, and these burners produce far less smoke than open flames. With kiln dried firewood you can further cut down on your emissions by taking advantage of the longer burn time and higher temperatures our logs provide.

For a more efficient, environmentally friendly home, consider using a new wood burning stove.

Can I purchase in-store and take home my firewood myself?

We offer collection of our firewood logs from our Glasgow store for anybody wishing to visit us and purchase directly. Feel free to visit us and get our experts’ advice on any questions you may have. We’re here to help!

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