LEKTO Hardwood Heat Logs

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The Alternative Wood Log

If you are looking for a fuel that is not only easy to store but will provide you with a beautiful flame and consistent burn, look no further than our hardwood heat logs.

Each log is crafted to a consistent shape, contains less than 9% moisture (for a more efficient burn and easy-lighting!), and is made from entirely sustainable materials.

For the eco-conscious homeowner, there are no chemical additives used in this product, we have included the calorific value of our wood logs, and can assure you that after burning, the leftover ashes can be repurposed as fertilizer. Talk about a multitude of uses!

Go on, try one of the best alternatives to traditional wood logs on the market.

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  • Sustainably sourced wood material
  • Each pack includes 10 individual heat logs at 2kg per log
  • Suitable for use in wood burners, open fires, barbecues, multi-fuel stoves, cassettes fires, chimineas, and log boilers.
  • Calorific value: 5.15kWh/kg

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